Accounting - Work Responsibilities by Task
Work Responsibility Primary Secondary
Purchase Request/Invoice
(gets approval to purchase something less than $5,000 & processes the invoice to pay for the purchase)
DeAnna Ortiz Mary Fenske* - C&G Mary Fenske* Lyn Naylor
Purchase Request/Invoice
(gets approval to purchase something greater than $5,000 & processes the invoice to pay for the purchase) (aka purchase requisitions; purchase orders)
DeAnna Ortiz Mary Fenske* DeAnna Ortiz Mary Fenske*
Travel Reimbursement
(processes paperwork to get employees reimbursed for travel expenses)
Mary Fenske Heather Stiles Mary Fenske Heather Stiles
Service Agreement
(files service agreements; invoices clients)
Lyn Naylor Heather Stiles
Invoices other party for IES good/service
(invoices other parties for goods/services other than service agreements)
Lyn Naylor Heather Stiles
(issues receipts for $/checks received)
DeAnna Ortiz Heather Stiles**
(makes deposits for $/checks received)
Lyn Naylor Mary Fenske**
Credit Cards
(when IES is paying for something with credit card OR if a clients wants to pay IES using their credit card)
Heather Stiles DeAnna Ortiz** Mary Fenske**
Contracts and Grants
(Ledger 5; any issue)
Mary Fenske Lyn Naylor**
Instructor Contracts
(executes contracts with instructors)
Lyn Naylor DeAnna Ortiz**
(mails letters to clients requesting past due payments)
Heather Stiles Lyn Naylor**
Interdepartmental Transfers (IDTs)
(transfers funds between IES and another NCSU department)
Heather Stiles Mary Fenske** Lyn Naylor**
College Approvals
(approves all activity in financial system)
Mary Fenske Lyn Naylor Lyn Naylor Mary Fenske
(generates invoices; monitors expenses)
Lyn Naylor Heather Stiles**
NIST/NCMEP Monthly Financial Report
Mary Fenske Lyn Naylor
Open Enrollment Classes (with OPD and COT)
Heather Stiles Mary Fenske**
PCard Purchases
Heather Stiles DeAnna Ortiz
Bi-weekly Timesheets
(enters temps timesheets into system))
Charles Whittington Sandy Dugan
Bi-weekly Paycheck Distribution
(most are direct deposit)
Charles Whittington Sandy Dugan
* Mary Fenske handles purchases for Ledger 5s only. DeAnna Ortiz handles purchases for the remainder of IES.
** Individual needs cross-training to fully serve as backup.

Employee Phone Number Email Title Primary Back Up For:
Lyn J. Naylor 919-515-5430 Accounting Technician Mary Fenske, Heather Stiles
Mary G. Fenske 919-513-2117 Accounting Technician DeAnna Ortiz, Heather Stiles, Lyn Naylor
DeAnna L. Ortiz 919-515-5960 Admin Support Specialist Mary Fenske, Heather Stiles, Lyn Naylor
Heather N. Stiles 919-515-5318 Admin Support Specialist Lyn Naylor, Mary Fenske, DeAnna Ortiz
Susan W. Smith 919-515-4522 Accountant